Grace Notes

March 11, 2018

To contact Pastor Buddy Smith, please ring 4096 6657 or 0427 794 198 email:
To find the Grace Baptist Church website, go to

For any who would like to give online: Here is the correct info to use for making direct deposits: 
BSB: 084-730 Acct No: 18-601-0230

Service times: All Age Sunday School – 9:45 AM
Morning Worship – 11 AM 
Evening Worship 6 PM
Wednesday Prayer Meeting – 7 PM – Friday Youth Groups – 6:30 -8:30 PM

From Our Pastor – Welcome to all our visitors today. We invite you to worship with us again soon. 

If we can be of any assistance to you in spiritual matters please speak to Pastor Smith. 

Several of our folks have inquired whether they can donate funds to assist the Buster family in Tonga 
following the cyclone there a few weeks ago. The church will be sending an offering to help and if you 
wish to give a personal gift you can do so through the church by putting it in an envelope and writing 
on it, “For the Busters” or “Tonga cyclone fund”. 

We have some flyers printed now for our Prophecy Conference (April 6th to 8th). If you can 
take some to give out and invite friends to come, please do so. 

Choir practice is at 5 PM today.

Please do remember to pray for Ze and Tom Hyslop as the date for her surgery approaches, 
the 21
st of March. Sheila and Norm Himsworth send their thanks for everyone’s prayers and 
kindness. Shirley Brown’s dad, Dave Tolley has been in the hospital in NZ with a stroke. 

Can we all please pray for more labourers to help with the Youth Ministry at Savannah Way 
Baptist Church in Katherine? They have had to cancel their Friday Youth meetings lately due 
to not having enough helpers. 

Cleaning Roster – Aidan and Abi, Browns, and Joel

Notable Quotes and Quotable Notes –

  • The Lord Jesus invited us to ask, seek, and knock. Someone commented that we are to “ask with a beggar’s humility, to seek with a servant’s carefulness, and knock with a friend’s confidence.” – Jillian Holmes
  • There will be no crown-wearers in Heaven who were not cross-bearers on earth.

  • Nations whose citizens are sheep are soon ruled by wolves.
  • It doesn’t take much strength at all to carry a grudge.

So What About Those Preachers Who Start Every Sermon With A Joke? –

“Preachers telling jokes to “warm up the crowd” is one of the most offensive things to be found in 
Baptist churches. I once heard a preacher begin his sermon by telling jokes for fifteen minutes. 
I spoke with him afterward and said, “Since we had 30 people here today, you have not wasted 
15 minutes telling jokes. You wasted 15 minutes for each of the 30 people in attendance. 
That equals 450 minutes of our time and the Lord’s time you just wasted. Seven and a half hours 
you just wasted telling silly jokes instead of using those precious minutes to preach the Word of God!” 
God said we are to “redeem the time, because the days are evil.” Eph. 5:16 – contributed by Bert Ferraro 

Little Thomas Bilney’s Confession – F. W. Boreham

In those days Hugh Latimer was preaching at Cambridge, and all who heard him fell under the spell of his 
transparent honesty and rugged eloquence. Latimer was then the sturdy champion of the Catholic religion 
and the uncompromising foe of all who were endeavoring to introduce the new learning. Of all the friars, 
he was the most punctilious, the most zealous, the most devoted. Thomas Bilney went to hear him and fell 
in love with him at once. He saw that the preacher was mistaken; that his eyes had not been opened to the 
gospel that flooded his own soul with gladness; but he recognized his sincerity, his earnestness, his resistless 
power; and he longed to be the means of his illumination. If only he could do for Latimer what Aquila and 
Priscilla did for Apollos, and expound unto him the way of God more perfectly! It became the dream and 
desire of Bilney’s life. “O God,” he cried, “I am but ‘Little Bilney,’ and shall never do any great thing for 
Thee; but give me the soul of that man, Hugh Latimer, and what wonders he shall do in Thy most holy Name!”

Where there’s a will there’s a way! One day, as Latimer descends from the pulpit, he passes so close to Bilney 
that his robes almost brush the student’s face. Like a flash, a sudden inspiration leaps to Bilney’s mind. 
“Pray thee, Father Latimer,” he whispers, “may I confess my soul to thee?” The preacher beckons, and, 
into the quiet room adjoining, the student follows. Of all the strange stories that heartbroken penitents have 
poured into the ears of Father-Confessors since first the confessional was established, that was the strangest! 
Bilney falls on his knees at Latimer’s feet and allows his soul, pent up for so long, to utter itself freely at last.
 He tells of the aching hunger of his heart; he tells of the visit of Erasmus; he tells of the purchase of the book 
(Erasmus’ Greek New Testament); and then he tells of the text. “There it stood,” Bilney says, the tears standing 
in his eyes, “the very word I wanted. It seemed to be written in letters of light: 
This is a faithful saying, and 
worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners
.” “O Father Latimer,” he cries, 
the passion of his fervor increasing as the memory of his own experience rushes back upon him, “I went to the 
priests and they pointed me to broken cisterns that held no water and only mocked my thirst! I bore the load 
of my sins until my soul was crushed beneath the burden! And then I saw that 
Christ Jesus came into the world 
to save sinners, of whom I am chief
; and now, being justified by faith, I have peace with God through our Lord 
Jesus Christ!”

Latimer is taken by storm. He is completely overwhelmed. He, too, knows the aching dissatisfaction that Bilney 
has described. He has experienced for years the same insatiable hunger, the same devouring thirst. To the 
astonishment of Bilney, Latimer rises and then kneels beside him.

The Father-Confessor seeks guidance from his penitent! Bilney draws from his pocket the sacred volume that has 
brought such comfort and such rapture to his own soul. It falls open at the passage Bilney has read to himself over 
and over and over again: 
This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the 
world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.
 The light that never was on the sea or shore illumines the soul of 
Hugh Latimer, and Bilney sees that the passionate desire of his heart has been granted him. 

And from that hour, Bilney and Latimer lived only that they might unfold to all kinds and conditions, the 
unsearchable riches of Christ.